How Does A Packaging Engineer Work?

Those who are packaging engineers usually construct and design bottles, cartons, plastic wraps and other kinds of containers which are used to protect and market different kinds of consumer goods. The professionals who work in this role usually research on the kind of material that would be ideal as per the product and the local norms as well as the industrial methods involved in the packaging of the goods. The experts need to have a fair knowledge of mechanics, chemistry and physics as well as marketing and engineering for goods packaging design. The packaging engineers are usually employed by the research and development arms of different companies or they could work as consultants as well as in tandem with manufacturers.

Researching on packaging

Many packaging engineers work on designing unique packaging materials. The research and development firms which employ these professionals need to come out with unique packaging materials which will be recyclable, durable as well as have certain properties like being able to withstand heat. Plastic polymers are usually used for designing packaging material of goods. Teams usually work on developing prototypes which are then put through different tests like retail counters.

Looking into design impact

Packaging engineers are usually asked to look into the design factors of packaging materials for retail counters as well. The packaging design of goods needs to be attractive in order to draw the attention of customers. The containers in which they are marketed need to improve shelf life of the products as well as be effective as marketing material. These are several factors that a packaging engineer needs to keep in mind when designing the packaging of goods.

Minimizing waste

There are many environmental concerns that need to address by the packaging engineers. They need to ensure that the wholesale packaging material that is used for a product will minimize waste in the production process. For that reason, many papers like alternatives are sought out in order to reduce the use of paper and waste of timber for packaging requirements. Nowadays computer aided software is available which help to bring in efficient designs and materials to minimize waste.

Professional qualifications required

Those who work as packaging engineers usually needs to have a graduate or post graduate degree in science along with a specialized course in packaging technology before being employed in this field. Packaging science has become a field of its own. Related fields are mechanical engineering or materials science. Those who engage in research and development primarily works in creating new materials as well as equipments by which industrial goods packaging can be achieved, following industrial, hygienic and environmental norms. Nowadays, many firms hire specialized and experienced packaging experts in order to help them decide on packaging of a new product and how it will work to aid in marketing and to reduce wastage for the environment.