How To Host A Pool Party

Have you got a huge pool? Do you feel like you never quite get the use out of it? Get out your barbeque kit, your speedos and bikinis, and throw the biggest pool party in the neighbourhood.

First of all, make the flier and only put them into the post boxes of the people you know in your road. Lay down the rules of the party at the back of the invitation. Make sure you include the time, the date, the dress code. Reaffirm that everyone should arrive in clothes over their swimwear or with a tog bag to change when they arrive at your place. Next you’d want to clean up the house, not spic and span, you want it to look as if it’s been lived in, that is cozy and comfortable. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the Gold Coast carpets, the dishwasher to get the dishes done and dust the place of cobwebs, especially the corners.

Make sure the beds are made and the DVD rack is stacked in alphabetical order. Have some pop music playing with the latest correlating music video on your huge, flat screen TV. Clear out the coffee table to open up the space as a dance floor. Invest in a little disco ball to create the party atmosphere and the lounge is prepared. Remember to put away the vacuum cleaner.

The strength of the party lies in the warmth of the pool. Put on the pool heater an hour or two before guests start to arrive. Maybe even three.

Not everyone will jump into the pool; therefore it’s important to have enough chairs and benches put out for everyone and help you choose the perfect floor. The white plastic chairs will do or a bench against the wall where the sitter has a great view of the garden or the pool.

And in addition to the rules on the back of the invitation, place them up on the wall, preferably in two high traffic areas. The wall near the restroom and the one near the bar.

No guest should be allowed to bring their own alcohol as this is what will encourage bad behaviour. When you supply the amount of alcohol, you at least have control over the overall consumption and this can regulate any potential fights that may break out. In this regard, hire a bouncer for the night so that you can rest assured that the party will be enjoyed and that everyone will not have to deal with one or two hard drinkers who consistently fail to control themselves.

Then, sit back, relax and enjoy.