Measures to Help Organizations Deal with Disasters


Any organization is at risk of facing disasters such as fires, floods and hurricanes. If an organization that is faced with a disaster is unprepared to do so, then this may result in its demise. In order to prevent this worst case scenario and to help an organization effectively overcome any disaster it might face, it could employ the following measures.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

The creation of a plan to deal with disasters and emergency situations is imperative for an organization. A disaster recovery plan should detail every aspect of how the organization would handle an emergency or disaster including procedures for the recovery of data, the roles of personnel in the event of a disaster and the availability of a substitute workplace.

An organization can employ the services of a professional in the creation of its disaster recovery plan. By the creation of such a plan, the organization thus has guidelines to help it overcome any disaster it might face and to bring the business back on its feet as swiftly as possible.

Create Back-Ups of All Important Files

The data and information of an organization is invaluable and as such, organizations should take steps to regularly back-up all their important files. All back-ups should be stored in a safe place, away from the business premises. The rationale behind this being that if the back-up is kept in the same area as the master file, then in the event of a disaster, is it highly likely that both the original and the back-up will be destroyed; thus making the act of creating the back-up redundant.

Today, back-ups of data files are commonly stored in external hard drives; another contemporary method for back-up storage is cloud storage. Cloud storage is the use of the internet to store data on remote servers; this form of storage is inexpensive and allows for fast retrieval of data. However, the security of data stored on the cloud could be an area of concern.

Provide Employees with Training

Even with the creation of a disaster recovery plan, an organization will not be able to carry it out successfully if its employees are not sufficiently prepared to face the crisis. Therefore, employees should be provided with training on how to handle emergency situations that may arise. To this end, an organization may employ safe consultants to provide the necessary training.

For instance, safe consultants could train employees on the proper use of fire extinguishers in the event of a fire at the workplace.

Preventive Steps

Prevention is always better than cure. An organization should take sufficient steps to ensure that disasters do not occur, to the extent possible. Of course, natural disasters such as floods cannot be prevented. However, there are disasters which can be prevented to a certain extent, like fires. Therefore, measures should be taken wherever possible.

In this regard, the organization can put into place certain internal controls that will help in the prevention of disasters such as the creation of safety policies with regard to the storage of dangerous substances.