The Importance Of Internet Safety

The internet has become such a big part of our lives that we rarely ever take many precautions when interacting with strangers over the internet. When the internet first started becoming popular a decade or two ago, most people were extremely careful and never interacted with strangers on the internet. Today however, it has become the norm to add people on to their social media accounts that they do not know. In many cases however, these seemingly lovely people that you are meeting on the internet are actually hackers and predators lurking around and trying to gain your trust. Visit this page for further information about security penetration testing NZ

You may not even realize it but you put out a lot of personal information on the internet and these people have easy access to it. They will then use this same information to gain your trust. As an example, if you have made it rather public that you are an activist for a particular cause; these predators will then use this information against you claiming to be fighting for the same cause as you are. This will then help them to gain your trust and give out other personal details such as your location, the places you like to go and the places you will be at a particular moment in time and so on.

Stay away from strangers

Cyber security consultant nz warn people to never interact with strangers on the internet and whenever they have to do so, that they keep persona information away from the conversation. It is important for internet uses to always assume that a person may not be who they really are and treat the person they are interacting with as a stranger irrespective of how much they have in common with you.

You will be able to get more details about such crimes from a cyber fraud investigation New Zealand for example has many events and social “meet ups” for strangers on the internet who share similar interests and hobbies. These events are the perfect hunting ground for predators and in many cases, these event expose the location and the whereabouts of many people that they have spent months stalking and watching from the shadows.

As a result of our comfort with the internet, we have stopped being careful. We have stopped looking over our shoulders and we no longer think twice about disclosing our location to potential threats because we believe that they are our “friends”. Through this behavior, we are putting not only ourselves in danger but our families and our children too.