Things You Should Consider When Hiring A Personal Detective

Well, the most obvious reasons why you be hiring a personal investigator is because you think your partner is cheating on you or an employee is secretly robbing you or any other reason you want to check up on. It could be very hard to find a trustworthy PI since many of them promise to offer their best services but very few of them actually deliver. The best way to get a PI is by referral. Calling someone that your friend once hired and was satisfied with would be better that calling someone off the Yellow Pages. So here are a few things you need to check up on before hiring them.

1. License and experience

Different countries have different rules on PIs. Some states require very little qualification or not at all to become a private detective. However, some have very strict rules on it. They may require experience on the field with the police or FBI while satisfying a certain level of working hours. PIs may also require undergoing certain tests such as fingerprint and background investigations. So call your local authorities to learn about your state’s requirements.

2. Good character and clean record

What is the first impression you got from the PI? Do you think he is trustworthy? Is he here for the money? You need to be able to answer such questions before hiring. Make sure they are fit for the job so that you will not regret your decision later on. Ask around from your friends if the PI has received any complaints against him.

3. Ability to testify in court

The personal investigator you hire must be able to bring in solid evidence that could be presented in front of the law. Also make sure he is ready to appear in court and testify in support of you. Hiring a PI with such a background could help you out immensely. Visit 

4. Works professionally

If your PI is some guy you’d meet only at a restaurant or communicate only through phone calls and a mailbox address, then be careful. You could never guarantee of finding him again after you’ve made the payment. It is better to consult a registered private detective agency so that you could be sure you are spending on the right person.

5. Clearly states the fees

Be straight forward. Tell him what you need done and ask how much it will cost exactly. If he is a professional, he should surely be able to give you a clear estimate and would stick to it, unless a raise is notified beforehand. Locating people is not that hard since PIs have ready-made systems to track them. So know the price range to expect and do not let him get carried away with his fees.